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With HappiJar® you can record moments in your life that make you happi using text, music or photos. These moments are then placed on our beautiful, bespoke HapppiButtons® and stored in your jar.


Share your HappiButtons® with friends and family by connecting with their HappiJar®. Create jar families for different groups of people, you can even share them on Facebook and Twitter.


When you need cheering up, just shake your jar and a random HappiButton® pops out to cheer you up. It could be one of yours or one someone sent you, thats the surprise.


Download the FREE HappiJar app today from the Apple Store.




Control of Happiness

Are you in control of your own Happiness?

 Are you in control of your own Happiness? We are always told Happiness comes from within – no one can make you happy but yourself and in some respects that is very true. I’ve been doing an exercise over the past few weeks to encourage me to think more positively. How many times has someone […]

Sad Android

Are Android Device Owners Unhappier Than iPhone Ones?

 Are Android Device Owners Unhappier Than iPhone Ones? Well, If we believe a user satisfaction survey done a few years ago, then yes. It would appear that iOS users are 20% more satisfied with their mobile phones than Android users. That’s not what I meant though. Customer satisfaction is delightful…but not exactly what I had […]

Whats Your Passion ?

Whats Your Passion

 What’s your Passion? A chance conversation got me thinking about what I’m passionate about, and whether I am truly passionate about anything. People who have a passion or feel passionate about something, are generally more focused on that passion, work harder at it, and find their achievements more rewarding, and more likely to want shout […]

Can A Phone App Really Make You Happy?

Can A Mobile Phone App Really Make You Happy

 Can a phone app really make you Happy? It’s fantastic question isn’t it? Well, up until about 18 months ago I had never read much on the subject of happiness or asked myself if I was happy. To me it was much like the question “have you ever fallen in love?”. Your instinctive answer might […]

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden.

 The Secret Garden. I recently listened to The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett on my drive back and forth to work, it was on a recommended book list by Gretchen Rubin a few months back, and it was a book I remember having seeing on television when I was little, and feel sure I […]



 Stop.Look.Act The human-race has put a man on the moon and split the atom. But no one blames us for not feeling daily gratitude towards those who achieved those historic feats in the name of science and discovery… no one asked us too either. Right? Feeling grateful is a personal experience and it can only […]

Why Volunteer ?

Why Volunteer

 Why Volunteer ? Research has shown that volunteering leads us to be more appreciative and grateful of our lives, providing us with a sense of giving back to society and others. In 2006 after always joking about it, I went traveling for six weeks and ended up living in Outer Mongolia. I volunteered in a […]

Finding Your 'Why' Is Everything.

Finding Your ‘Why’ Is Everything.

 Finding Your ‘Why’ Is Everything. So What Is My Why ? Focusing on the WHY has been the biggest challenge ever since HappiJar® was sketched out last December. Why did i design this app? Why would anyone download it? Why will you continue to use it and will this app change your life? Finding opportunities […]

What Made You Smile This Morning ?

What Made You Smile This Morning.

 What Made You Smile This Morning ? As I drove to work this sunny morning, I realised it wasn’t even 8am but I realised there was so many little things that had already happened which made me appreciate the little things in my life that made up this morning and gave me something to smile […]

Are You Too Busy To Be Grateful ?

Are You Too Busy To Be Grateful.

 Are You Too Busy To Be Grateful ? Too busy to sit a while and watch the world go by? Too busy to have an energising chit chat with your best pal in the world? Too busy to phone up your kiddie or parent and off load? Or too busy to listen to them off […]