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HappiJar® is a new and exciting phone app that helps you save and share happy memories. For a quick smile just shake your jar and see what pops out.

HappiJar® allows you to record music, text and images on beautifully crafted HappiButtons® which you can then store in your HappiJar®. Whenever you feel down, shake your jar and one of your previous buttons will pop out to pick you right back up.

HappiJar® is now available on the iOS App Store.

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With HappiJar® you can record moments in your life that make you happi using text, music or photos. These moments are then placed on our beautiful, bespoke HappiButtons® and stored in your jar.


Share your HappiButtons® with friends and family by connecting with their HappiJar®. Create jar families for different groups of people, you can even share them on Facebook and Twitter.


When you need cheering up, just shake your jar and a random HappiButton® pops out to cheer you up. It could be one of yours or one someone sent you, that's the surprise.


Download the HappiJar® app today from the iOS App Store.