A Deep Hole in St Albans

You ever heard the best advice ever but couldn’t bring yourself to take it? Yeah. Sounds like one of those things that other people might call irony. What would you call it? I live in St Albans, UK. On the 1st of October the affluent City of St Albans was suddenly brought to the realisation that in […]


International Day of Happiness 2015

Once every year the world gets together and celebrates being happy. Almost everyone understands that its impossible to remain completely positive every day during the year… so for one day only we all should take this golden opportunity to explore what it means to really feel happy with our lives. A charity called ‘Action for Happiness‘ are […]


Would You Like to Invest in HappiJar?

Hey everybody, we have some news and we think you might like it! We would love to offer you the opportunity to invest in the future of HappiJar. Not only that, but you if you do you will financially benefit as a direct result of our businesses success. Think Crowd Investment. Think Seedrs or Crowdcube. […]


Happijar News Update

 Happijar News Update A Happy Friday to you all!! This week we have a large slice of news for you all. News from our team, about our app and much more besides. You ready? You strapped in? Let’s go. Right to begin with, many of you will have noticed that we launched our first app […]

Simon Sinek

Startup Philosophy

 Startup Philosophy This blog post has been well over due. I have been on my particular HappiJar journey for 16 months now. Twisting, turning and faltering as I went. I say ‘my’ journey, because there are other members of the team who are also on a journey. All our journeys will feel very different. They […]

Control Of Happiness

Are You In Control Of Your Own Happiness ?

 Are you in control of your own Happiness? We are always told Happiness comes from within – no one can make you happy but yourself and in some respects that is very true. I’ve been doing an exercise over the past few weeks to encourage me to think more positively. How many times has someone […]

Sad Android

Are Android Device Owners Unhappier Than iPhone Ones?

 Are Android Device Owners Unhappier Than iPhone Ones? Well, If we believe a user satisfaction survey done a few years ago, then yes. It would appear that iOS users are 20% more satisfied with their mobile phones than Android users. That’s not what I meant though. Customer satisfaction is delightful…but not exactly what I had […]