About Us

Check out some people who helped bring to you HappiJar

HappiJar® is here to help us all say thanks for the little things which make us smile in life and appreciate the things which our closest friends and family do for us. Meet some of the great people who have donated time and energy to help 'The Jar' grow and become the beautiful app it is today :)



HappiJar Founder and CEO

Almost 3 years Glen had the 'light-bulb' moment which then went on to become HappiJar. After many set backs, and some incredible good fortune, HappiJar was eventually launched as a Beta in 2014.

It didn't take long for a community to grow and find their feet. When resources were available, HappiJar was updated... slowly moving towards Glen's ultimate dream of the stickiest and happiest app every devised.

On Friday October 30th 2015, after an long and testing journey, HappiJar is finally ready to be re-booted. The journey is far from over... but the time has come to begin 'Jarring' your life.



Website Development

[Self Taught] Web Dev and Tech Monkey. Passionate about Learning with a thirst for knowledge (as well as Jim Beam and Green Tea). Working for HappiJar has taught me a lot so far and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead.

Liam has long been a best mate of Glen's and learned to code by building this website with him. Hundreds of hours of conversations, rants and gradual progress later... we have lift off!



Graphic Designer

Give me Surf, Sunshine and coffee then that's me Happi. I love life and nature in all its glory and one day it will reclaim the world from the rats that are destroying it.

Richard was involved in the early days of conceptual design right through to re-visiting some of the digital compositions today.




Ex Financial Officer and Serial Entrepreneur

Julie's early arrival to HappiJar team was like a gift from heaven. I did not last long, but Julie's help, encouragement and investment was critical to moving this epic project forward.

Unfortunately due to demands to Julie's time, she eventually had to step down and pursue other challenges.



Digital Artist and Illustrator

Neil Jary, also a very good friend of Glen's, hand's down produced the most exquisite artwork that HappiJar was proud enough to display. One of the many artists who have contributed to this incredible app, Neil stands out as someone who really understands why projects like this must succeed.



Office Manager

Not so much a manager really, as a mascot. Monty keeps all who hug him, very happi.



Android Developer / iOS Developer / Mobile UIUX Ninja / CTO

Could one or some of these roles apply to you? I [Glen] am looking for passionate technical people to help take HappiJar to the world. We are desperate for the Android version, and the continued flow of updates.

Do you want to help? Earn yourself some equity in our future success? Do you have a passion for happiness? Please get in contact.